Grade 7 - Writing Learning Goals

Unit of Study
Student Learning Goals
Students will… (“I can…”)
1st Quarter
2 or 3 Weeks
Launch: Building a Writing Life
  • Students will prepare their Writer’s Notebook (set parameters for students and outline the structure to be followed)
  • Students will create a log of their “writing territories” as a reference for future pieces
  • Students will develop an understanding of the structure of workshop, including the appropriate use of their Writer’s Notebook and the process of writing.
  • Students will be introduced to tools available to support their writing efforts, not limited to, but including online tools, dictionaries and thesaurus both in print and online, as well as Write Source books
  • Students will set writing goals (Letter to Self) that may or may not change as the year progresses, that will be reflected on periodically.
1st Quarter
4 weeks
Memoir Writing
  • Students will express their point of view when reflecting on an experience (defining experience)
  • They will explain and describe their experience in an organized and purposeful way
  • They will develop and express voice, sometimes using dialogue
  • Students will bring the reader to an understanding or realization
  • Students will revise for focus and purpose
  • Students will edit for conventions

Once completed, students will create a digital slideshow to present their memoir using a site like Animoto - in movie trailer style
1st/2nd Qtr.
4 weeks
The Literary Essay: A Textual Argument

Girl Who was on Fire - Lit essay collection
  • Students will explore a piece of literature (as mentor text) analyzing such elements as structure,character, theme, style, tone, and subtext
  • Students will develop a defensible claim about a book they have read
  • Students will find evidence from the book that is relevant to and supportive of the claim
  • Students will revise for focus and purpose
  • Students will edit for conventions
2nd quarter

2 weeks
Content Argument
  • Students will develop logical claims on content area topics
  • Students will find credible evidence that supports the claims they have made, and cite sources used
  • Students will organize arguments in a logical, cohesive manner, including a supporting concluding statement or paragraph
  • Students will acknowledge alternate or opposing claims
  • Students will use precedents, when available, to support their arguments
  • Students will form rebuttals against counter-arguments
  • Students will revise for focus and purpose
  • Students will edit for conventions

Students will use a social bookmarking site to share links to research, tagging and commenting on their quality or usefullness
3rd Qtr.

2 to 3 weeks
Test Prep


4 weeks
  • Demonstrate control of an image
  • Manipulate form to enhance meaning
  • Attend to sound of language
  • Write poetry to explore a chosen theme and convey meaning
  • Revise for precision/word choice

Students will create a digital slideshow/presentation/interpretation of a selected poem or collection of poetry with images and music that is relevant to the content
3rd/4th Quarter
4 weeks
Author Study: Mentor Texts
  • Create a piece that implements patterns inherent to an author’s writing style (possibilities include theme, mood, characterization, voice, etc.)

Create a website on sites like wikispaces, glogster, or weebly that informs readers, displays the products they produced, and links to the author’s website
4th Qtr.

4 weeks
Social Justice
In Clubs as an open genre students will...
  • Convey ideas, concepts, and information, using strategies such as definition, classification, comparison/contrast, and cause/effect;
  • Develop the topic with relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples
  • Highlight issues of fairness, inequity, or justice
  • Provide a concluding statement or argument that follows from and supports the information or explanation presented

Present their product in a dramatic digital production using sites like Prezi, Animoto, Vuvox, Photopeach, or iMovie
4th Qtr.

2 weeks
Putting it all together: Portfolios
  • Students will reflect on a collection of their writing across multiple genres focusing on their growth as a writer
  • Students will share their work with their families