Grade 7 - Reading Learning Goals

Unit of Study
Student Learning Goals
Students will… (“I can…”)
1st Quarter

3 weeks
Building a Reading Life
  • Self-select just right books
  • Develop reading habits, routines, and procedures relating to Reading Workshop
  • Annotate a text using active reading strategies learned in minilessons
1st Quarter

4 weeks
  • Identify the key events that have shaped the author’s life
  • Consider how certain events have the ability to influence a life
  • Theorize about the author’s purpose for writing the memoir
  • Make connections to the author’s experiences
1st/2nd quarter

4 weeks
How do characters/people respond to challenges?(whole class to club)
  • Read through the lens of a theme (facing challenges)
  • Compare that theme across human experience
  • Compare that theme across texts

2nd Quarter

4 weeks
  • Identify the author’s purpose and intended audience
  • Identify author’s techniques in organizing and developing the argument
  • Evaluate the validity and effectiveness of the argument

Test Prep

3rd Quarter

4 weeks
  • Create a definition for poetry
  • Create an analytical poetry anthology that explores a particular theme using a variety of published poems as well as original poems.
  • Attend to language and sound to consider how they affect meaning
3rd Quarter

3rd/4th Quarter

4 weeks
Author Study
  • Read multiple texts by a single author
  • Identify patterns inherent in the author’s writing style (possibilities include theme, mood, characterization, voice, etc.)
  • Research an author’s life and theorize how this life influenced his/her craft

4th Quarter

5 weeks
Social Justice
  • Students will know what a social issue is and build schema by reading about contemporary social issues
  • Students will look at social issues with a critical lens
  • Students gain a deeper understanding of a social issue by looking closely at multiple texts.
  • Students find ways to bring what they learn about using a lens into their own lives.

4th Quarter

1 / 2 weeks
Building a Summer Reading list
  • Students will understand the expectations of the summer reading program
  • Students will set goals for their summer reading
  • Students will prepare a list of possible summer reading books